© 2009 kc! Bradshaw George


Figured I would keep with a theme here and stick to “graffiti friday” …so here is a great little piece I snapped up on Cathedral Hill, during a long walk around the block. Not sure what it means or even how it came to be, but I really love the composition of the letters and the plants with the industrial air duct. The little V for Vendetta caricature is just gravy. And there is enough green for everyone to have seconds.

True street art has always fascinated me. The desire for people to go out and create illegal public works of art (eschewing all consequences of the massive trouble they can get into) is astounding. I have tough enough time just creating work in the daytime in the comfort of my own studio, never mind adding the cover of night and the possibility of jail-time to it. Heck, I can’t even bring myself to pee in public. And these rebels are running around painting layers upon layers of bright, fantastical, letterforms in vast, virgin landscapes, like typographic astronauts.

Granted it’s also very important to distinguish the difference between true artistry, and juvenile vandalism. In many pieces—some of which you will see in future posts—this is clear an evident. However, in pieces such as today’s snapshot… it becomes much less fine of a line.

And I suppose that is what most excites me the most… that I may see beauty and someone else may see vandalism is key to innate differences in all human beings. That by snapping a photo, it can translate from street crime to art is almost madness. But, maybe it’s just too late at night and I’m rambling on. Either way, make sure you stop and smell the flowers… whether they were put there by seed, bird, or even rattlecan.