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Fun House Mirror

I have never been a big fan of the circus.

Let me clarify. Up until I attended my first Cirque du Soliel, I had never been a great fan of the circus. Something about those caged animals being forced to jump through hoops and wobble around for our amusement struck a nerve. I’m not any big of an animal activist, but even the crappy city zoos push my buttons.

Then the big, gay, frenchy circus came to town.

Ooh, Lah, Lah! They had acrobats and clowns and costume and a band—live rock music (!)—and an attention to detail that I had never witnessed before. And they don’t use animals… at all. Which made me feel a bit better about it all. You know, because at least the human performers have the power to choose. Granted this may be a gross oversimplification, but in my mind it works. And clearly other people must feel similarly to me. There are almost as many Cirque-borne shows in Las Vegas as there are casinos. And every year or two, a fancy new production wheels into my hometown, sets up tents, and manages to outdo itself.

And suddenly, the circus was a spectacle once again.

This is a self-portrait I took up in Seattle in the Experience Music Project gift shop. Something about the natural ambiance, mixed with the lighting and the wall displays combined to remind me of those old fashioned carnival circuses. For better or worse, it had it’s place. See if you can find me in mine!