© 2009 kc! Bradshaw Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt

Figured I would expand on yesterday’s post with another shot from the garden.

The day was frigid-cold, and the wind was bustling and icy. Ill prepared for the climate, but determined to use this single opportunity to take in as much scenery as possible, I found myself seeking shelter among the sculpture garden’s many massive residents. These wavy steel plates, planted on-end, caught my eye. And as the sun set, the shadows cast by the surrounding trees were just magnificent.

Took me a few shots to get just the right crop and head positioning… but I really like the results. Here’s another from the series:

Shadow Waved

I absolutely love the elongated shadows flittering across the flat-pack gravel and up onto the rusty steel wave. It felt almost as if the trees were welcoming us to their group, allowing our participation in their sunset festivities.