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Adios, Douche Bag

Happy Graffiti Friday everyone!

Yesterday marks my first missed post since the blog started in August. I started up the ol’ thinkin’ machine, dropped fingers-to-keys for some special clickety clack, and abruptly forgot to post. So instead of trying to sneak it in with no announcement, I figured I could use today to reflect on the positives instead.

It really means a lot to me to know that people are enjoying my little project! I started this site to once again have a personal space to share thoughts, feelings, and imagery (along with helping to improve my post-140 character writing)—and with a little over a month of publication, it has been seeing a consistent 25-50 unique daily visitors! That, combined with the regular comments I get, really warms my heart on such a cold, foggy, San Francisco morning. Thank you!

This snapshot is a wheat-paste poster from an alley close to Hayes Valley. It was taken shortly after President Obama took office, and really reflects the general attitude in and around ‘Frisco at that time. I do understand that this city is a bit of a political bubble, but the night of the election, you could walk up to anyone on the street and just cheer and they would smile and join in. All 6 Republicans were safely tucked away at home and the city was on fire with jubilation!

I post it today in memory of my missed post… and with the certain knowledge that anyone can make a mistake.