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It’s Wednesday, and what better time for a little modulation, right?

Last night, I got a speeding ticket. At least I assume so… as one of those automatic cameras flashed as I blazed through a stale light. I practically kicked myself in the car, cursing under my breath… but I completely deserve it. After a string of 4 red lights with no cross traffic, I was hoping to break my “lucky” streak… and it worked well, unfortunately. So, unless the camera missed my license or was having an off-day, I should be getting a big, fat, ticket in the mail shortly.

What I choose to pull from this set of events is the human need for re-adjustment and reflection. To step back, check the levels, monitor the output, and move forward with renewed confidence. Maybe I was getting to fancy for my pants? Or comfortable in my skin? But I would like to think that this was just the Universe dropping in to remind me to be a little more humble.

This photo was taken in a small college on Valencia Street. They were in the process of selling all their hard goods because the school lost is credentials and was closing. You can almost feel the overall resigned sadness in all the images I took that day. And unfortunately, I am sure the students and administration all had moments after they found out about the school’s certification, just like the split second after I crossed into the intersection. Although the effects were almost certainly much more profound (and I doubt there were strobe lights informing their final minutes). Nevertheless, I am also sure that they have rebounded and found a new path to take… better for the experience and onto better things—as we are all robust beings for whom change is the only permanent fixture.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. —Victor Frankl

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