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Lone Soldier in Red Square

Going through some truly stunning photographs showcasing China’s 60th celebration of communism this morning, I was reminded of this photo taken at the UC Berkeley exhibit on modern Chinese art. In contrast to the massive display of force in the celebration photographs… this lone girl sits calmly alone in front of that giant field of imposing redness. Again, this is probably just a “duh” moment for me, but it clearly struck a nerve enough for me to sneak a picture of it at the time, but given context it is truly remarkable.

Back on the photographs, its frightening to see that impressive a show of force. To see so many people coordinated with such precision!? The attention to detail is stunning—magnitudes more than even an obsessive compulsive designer like me can comprehend. Sure, I can spend hours adjusting the millimeters between letters to make a perfect logotype, but ensuring hundreds of thousands of human beings are so rigidly perfect… that’s utterly astounding!

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  1. Jakub
    Posted 1 Oct ’09 at 2:12 pm | #

    Communism is awful. People live in fear and can’t express themselves. A celebration of 60 years of communism is 60 years of oppression. We should not support countries such as China, Cuba, and especially North Korea. I was born in a communist country, Czechoslovakia and saw firsthand how people lived in fear. All heads of communist governments should die and I would love to pull the trigger. Freedom to all.