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Happy Graffiti Friday y’all!

The weekend is finally upon us and it couldn’t be here any sooner! Are you as excited about LovEvolution (aka LoveFest aka Love Parade) as I am??

Come out for the parade at Noon, and stay for a day-long dance festival! And while you’re there, make sure you stop by the float I helped build… a little voodoo-disco-tiki goodness from the awesome Strategik and Brass Tax party crews (float #20 in the lineup). Granted last year was phenomenal… but this year looks to be even better. (Is that even possible?)

If you need some history on the event, or just want a little video to pump you up, head over and check out the awesome documentary: LoveFest: Bringing the Love to San Francisco. Even if I hadn’t been a part of the production, I would still recommend it as a great primer! Lots of great talent came together to produce the documentary—in the same spirit of the event itself—and it’s well worth watching!

Other than that, it’s shaping up to be a busy October. So hopefully that means a bunch of great new images to show here!! In the meantime I leave you with this piece of Lower Haight and a ghetto blaster to set your weekend straight!

See you on the dancefloor!