© 2009 kc! Bradshaw The sound of a thousand hooves

The sound of a thousand hooves falling

Found this painting by Ben Alexy in a local cafe and fell in love. Judging by the title, the entire piece is conceptually dedicated to the American auto industry, but that doesn’t matter as much as the gorgeously awkward, near life-sized, upsidedown horse smack in the middle of all that beautiful texture. The closer you get the more detail is revealed… until you are standing inches away, drooling over the brush strokes.

These are the times when I wish I was a mega-millionaire.

This image essentially sums up last week for me. Overly busy with work, drained and almost creatively empty, I had no energy to do much else aside from sleep and shower and it felt… good.

No articles, no updates, no tweets, no tumbles.

One doesn’t remember how taxing creative fields can be, until you pour your soul into a piece and try to do it again and again the next day! HA! But fortunately, my hard work paid off. And although the good news is that the client loves it. The bad news is that due to the NDA I signed, no one besides me will probably ever see it!?But what matters most is that the work was done, and that I know I am capable of doing it again. And like this painting, while I may not be able to keep it for myself, the memory of the experience will live on in my minds eye; and the detail of those tiny brush strokes will remain forever etched to model a future project from.

Besides, just because you don’t see the horse hit the ground, doesn’t mean that it never happened.