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Fiddler on the Roof

Two twin cats: Franky and Sid Vicious. This is Frank… he’s the troublemaker (don’t let those innocent eyes fool you). And since we live on the second floor (which, in our house makes us three stories above the ground due to the garage) this unfortunately means, the little section of slanted roof serves as the cats’ only opportunity to go outside. Granted otherwise a great little apartment, surrounded by quiet, trees, and kind neighbors. But the cats do get a little restless.

Had some good friends over to the house recently, and was reminded of this photo. So I figured it was high time I dropped it in, as I found myself in our conversation referencing the photo that had not yet been published. Equally funny that with schedules and appointments and work, how rare it is to have time to reconnect with our people. Nevertheless, I am always glad to get a small moment to welcome them into our place.

Been listening to a police scanner for San Francisco as the POTUS stops into our fine city; and watching the internet news feeds about the balloon-boy who cried wolf today. Amazing how something as simple as a news stream feeding directly to the office and an IM account can connect us with the world and peers so definitely. So great when we get stuck into the daily grind to be able to at least have the semblance of connection with those we love.

And lastly, speaking of connection, my dear faithful readers… you are always welcome (in fact encouraged) to comment on these posts and photography! I love hearing your thoughts, comments, constructive criticisms, and suggestions!

Just throwing that out there.. [grin]

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  1. steven walker
    Posted 15 Oct ’09 at 6:25 pm | #

    Great shot & cute cat. Looks a lot like Jaden’s cat, Lalu.