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Five Dollars

Went camping this weekend, and ended up at Walmart (of all places) to do some shopping mid-Saturday. Not sure how it happened, but laughed at the irony. Although truth-be-told, the two activities didn’t feel all that different—and now as I sit reflecting on the weekend, I realize why.

As the Creative Director for an independent lifestyle magazine, I subscribe to the ideal of supporting local and independent businesses. On top of that, big-box corporate shops typically aren’t allowed to build stores in San Francisco. So just as going out and sleeping in nature is a foreign concept to me… so is shopping at bargain mega-stores.

This morning as I was going through photos to select the daily snapshot, and found this one taken at a local San Francisco supermarket. Figured it fit in with the theme, and I love the overscale Pepsi containers-as-dot-matrix-pixels spelling out inevitable doom via sugar-water. Certainly someone creative had a good idea on their hands (and a patient manager’s approval letting that idea run wild).

Either that or some Pepsi rep got locked inside the store overnight.

Whichever it may have been… nice job on the display. And while I definitely plan on heading out camping again—not sure I can say the same for Walmart. The benefits just don’t equal the cost. That and it just takes too long to wash off that greasy, dirty feeling you get after such a short time out.

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    these guys took it all the way to 3-D 8 bit land: