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Abandoned Windows

Today marks the worldwide release of Windows 7, and frankly I am glad… Vista is such a turd. I am looking forward to what Microsoft can do as a replacement, and I have heard good things from beta users. Granted it won’t affect me much, since I prefer Macintosh systems for my daily workflow… but since a good portion of the world still relies on Windows, improvements are never a bad thing.

The perceived “war” between Apple and Miscrosoft has been raging for years now (*rolls eyes*). Granted it is difficult to compare the passive-aggressive nerd battles to any major world war, yet there are definitely huge corporate powers backing each side; with many spoils of war to be had. But oddly enough, Microsoft already “won” a long time ago. It continues to hold a major market share of all computer systems, and it has it’s grubby fingers on just about every part of technology it can. (Basically, if there is money to be made in technological gadgetry, the powers in Redmond have their hands in it.) Which makes the fight that much more comical—and Apple’s underdog status that much more real.

As for me? I started off with fancy little Commodore 64. That was my passion, and the boxy, beige PCs in our house were reserved for business stuff. I ran a BBS from my bedroom fueled by my own phone line and lot of Mt. Dew. As I grew out of 8-bit graphics and teenage angst, I dropped the C64 and started building PCs (gone to the dark side). It was actually fun to open up a box and see all those cables and cords and fans and chips. Unfortunately, the operating system never latched on, and I graduated to bigger-and-better. Design school changed everything for me, as I was introduced to my first Macintosh! And as nerdy as this sounds… it was love at first sight.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of working on both Mac and Win systems—at home and at work—and I can honestly say that both systems are quite comparable. I do prefer the Apple method of thinking surrounding hardware and software design, but nobody is perfect (although most everything is better than Vista). Working in both systems you really get a clear understanding of this—just pick the one that is easiest for you to work in.

Which brings us back to today, the release of Windows 7, and the end of this snapshot post… Good luck, Microsofties! Let’s hope you brought some great new ideas to the table, err window.

Update: News and opinions are coming in from the tech illuminati, and world-at-large… and sadly, Microsoft is not off to a very original start. Which is not surprising since they have such a bad reputation for blatantly stealing ideas.

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  1. Inigo Montoya
    Posted 22 Oct ’09 at 12:02 pm | #

    Microsoft is trying to be the cool kid by trying to dress like the cool kid, act like the cool kid, and sit next to the cool kid thinking that’s all it takes to attain coolness. But much like money doesn’t buy class, neither does copying something cool bring you coolness – just brings you laughable shame.

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