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Thumpa Thump

Got a chance to check out the Domestic Electrics last night, and was reminded of this quick snapshot I took at Disneyland. If I remember correctly, this drum is part of a “one man band” display inside the Main Street train depot (the one right above the entrance). As with most things in Disneyland, you can’t tell if it is really old, or if they built it like that, but judging from the glass case… I’d guess the former.

Been an interesting month so far. San Francisco has yet to get it’s famous October summer and so everything feels cold here. Which, for the rest of the world sounds strange I’m sure, but we San Franciscans feel a bit like we missed a whole season. Nevetheless, it is inspiring me to venture out and try some new things instead of trudging through the typical holiday mumbo jumbo.

Included in that are a jaunt to my favorite Pacific Northwest city, a sunny holiday excursion with some good friends to Mexico, and more locally, some fantastic, Albino! concert-fun in music genres with real instruments!

So maybe the weather is just fancy miss Frisco’s way of reminding us to march to the beat of a different drummer? Or better yet… just live life to its fullest and don’t think to much about repeating the same old thing year after year. Thump!