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Right There, Like New

Been waiting for a good reason to post this photo… but none ever comes, so I am just going to do it. Little on the late side today, but I have given up on posting every day at a set time anyhow. I think it looses a little bit of spontaneity if I am constrained to post within set guidelines. So you either get it regular and boring… or random/quality.

At present I am trying to convince myself to go pay $20 to see a band who is in town on tour from Sweden. I just found out about them yesterday, but have listened to nothing else since. So on one hand… they are really good; but on the other TWENTY dollars on a weeknight. Whatever, it’s only money… right? (And for goodness sake, they travelled 6,447 miles to get here just to play for me.)

Anyhow, the band is called Little Dragon and they are really, really good. Sounds a bit soulfull at times, a bit electronicky in others. And old/new sound—like an lost 80′s album, if it were made by Motown with Erica Badu on vocals? or not. Not sure if the albums are available in your local record shops (except maybe in the import sections), but you ever hear of this little thing called the internet? Go get it now. Your ears will thank you. Also, I will write up a review of the show for LEGENDmag tomorrow, so you can stay tuned for that. (see here)

As for this snapshot… what can I say? Its rusting metal, attached to weathered wood and concrete. Can’t get much more fucking awesome than that. So hey, lookie there… it DOES fit! Today’s post, is about things that are awesome!

See, my brain has a plan and I didn’t even know it. Trust your shit people. Trust your shit.