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Salmon Stone Ribbed Trio

Been hustling on a magazine project this week, and haven’t had much free snapshot time to gather my thoughts (or imagery) outside of the project immersion. So now given a little reprieve I figured I would post another view from Tuesday’s snapshot.

Often when taking photos I try to crop them so objects become unique and are taken out of context. In this shot, I used the roof of the buildingand the irridecnent wall to frame the Space Needle off in the distance. I love the juxtaposition of the entirely massive monument in the background, utterly dwarfed by the blobby metal shapes in the foreground.

Took me about 4 tries to correctly frame this shot before everyone got tired of waiting, and entered the museum—leaving me to look up form the view-screen and hustle over to the door. Luckily, the last one turned out well!