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Pipes and Pipes

Today I am planning to hit up the passport office for some long-overdue renewal action. I look back at my photo from 10 years ago, and hardly recognize the boy smiling back at me. Yet, thinking back over the last 10 years, few things come to mind as warnings I would’ve given my younger self, which I suppose speaks volumes to how I live my life. Nevertheless, as terrible as I am at going through the process of updating and renewing my civil duties (car registration has been accidentally expired for a month now too)… it is a good time for reflection.

This snapshot was taken in the Cowell Theatre in Fort Mason Center. There is this terribly long procession as you walk down the old military dock building to get to the theater at the end, and along the way are old posters, signs, and this beautiful monstrosity. Every time I walk that hallway, I am inclined to snap a shot of this thing… something just so majestic about it’s massiveness.

December looks to be a busy month, and while I can’t promise daily photo updates, I can promise many cool projects that you fine readers will enjoy in the new year and beyond. Not going to say much more about it in this forum, but stay tuned and I am sure you will be pleased.