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With the current “State” of emergency in California, I figured we could all use some photographic assistance from this great machinery snapshot. I noticed it out in front of my buddy Trevor Traynor’s old place after we finished a photo shoot for LEGENDmag Issue 23: “Transparency is the New Democracy” (free PDF), and I just couldn’t pass without a quick iPhone snap.

It has been crazy busy in the last few weeks (which subtly explains the lack of snapshots here). So, I post this plow in honor of all the shoveling of work I have had the privilege to do! Oh, that lovely, silent sound of pushing pixels across my desktop! It remains very exciting that my freelance design business is going so well. And thanks in no small amount, to all the wonderful clients and design firms I get to work with—I am hoping that 2010 brings many new fun projects and opportunities to my table.

And to think… I started out today with the intent to further talk about a comment I posted on Twitter earlier this week:

Why isn’t our city equipped to cope w/ rainfall? Every year at this time, power is lost, roads flood, and we are ill prepared!?

I guess there are better things to discuss than the neglect our country naively imposes on important future-thinking concepts. Hopefully some Long Now ideals will be adopted more radically into the fabric of our country and we as Americans can learn to plan for more than the Superbowl Playoffs and Spring-Break fiestas.

PLOW, Plow, plow