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Books and Books

This week, Apple introduced a tablet computer.

To understand the magnitude of this statement fully, you would have had to pay attention to rumor boards for the last decade. In summary: ever since Steve Jobs killed the Newton upon returning to Apple… there has been a persistent rumor of a tablet announcement. Not one solid rumor throughout the years, but a brand new rumor, every single time Apple hosted a product-launch keynote. It became a complete joke: “Oh boy, here’s the Apple tablet rumor again”. Now, having this much speculation can only mean one thing: overly hyped expectations. And if you are paying attention to the tech blogs this week, you are basically hearing the results of that expectations. (Just understand that.)

I have been skeptical that a tablet would even be released. Who needs one? What would it be used for? I couldn’t think of any good answers. Even as far as two-thrids of the way through the announcement of the actual iPad this week, I remained completely nonplussed. Then it hit me… this is not made for people like me. This is purpose built for our parents, our grandparents, or our kids. It is the computer for people who don’t need a computer.

Which leads me to the snapshot above. A funky angle taken looking over the railing in the Seattle Public Library. Rows and rows of books waiting to be held, browsed, and read. And while I am not stupid enough to predict that tablet computing will end the print industry; looking down at all these beautiful and dusty old books, I do know one thing… this will become a rare museum soon enough. And as technologically forward as I consider myself… that thought just makes me feel nostalgic and old.